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Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

RO full form is Reverse Osmosis. In RO water purifier, it passes water through the pump to increase water pressure then pass that pressured water through ROmembrane(semi permeable). During this process dissolved solids and TDS present inwater are eliminated. RO water purifier converts hard water to soft water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, a colligative property, that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter. 

water dispenser, known as water cooler (if used forcooling only), is a machine that cools and dispenses waterwith a refrigeration unit. … Water cooler may also refer to a primitive device for keeping water coolWater coolers are a common metonym referring to workplace socialization.